15 17 Oct '24

Wendy Blackstone

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Function: Composer WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member
Wendy Blackstone has composed film scores for over 130 film and TV projects. With equal strength in drama, comedy, fiction and non-fiction, her eclectic artistic approach inspires her to create a unique score for each film. She weaves originally designed sounds with acoustic ensembles to create the best of traditional with that which is yet to be created. A native New Yorker, Wendy has always taken advantage of the rich cultural, artistic diversity of the City. This is reflected in her extensive range of styles: contemporary classical, downtown experimental, rock, minimalist, jazz, electronic. Her ongoing connection with various music scenes informs her artistic persona. After scoring the comedy "Dear Diary" for Dreamworks, EP Steven Spielberg and J. Katzenberg became Wendy’s fans, with Spielberg saying, “Wendy’s music took the show from a 3 to a 9”. Directed by David Frankel and starring Bebe Neuwirth, "Dear Diary" went on to win an Oscar. Nine of the films scored by Wendy have been nominated or won Academy Awards. Wendy was the first woman film composer signed to CAA. Wendy divides her time between NYC, Italy and Los Angeles. She speaks Italian, Spanish and French, and holds both US and EU passports.

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