WSAcademy Members

The World Soundtrack Academy is an international community of composers for screen and film music industry professionals. The WSAcademy consists of regular voting members, honorary members, the Advisory Board and the Executive Board.
Voting members

Academy voting members

The WSA regular voting members consist of screen composers and professionals active in the film music industry, such as music executives, music supervisors, music editors, agents, managers, producers and publicists.

Advisory board wsa

Advisory Board

The WSA Advisory Board is the core group of the World Soundtrack Academy. These key members are actively involved with the activities of the WSAcademy and the film music industry in general. The Advisory Board convenes once a year during Film Fest Gent.

Honorary Board wsa

Honorary members

The WSA Honorary Board is composed of honorary members of the World Soundtrack Academy. Winners of the Lifetime Achievement WSAward are automatically granted voting membership of the World Soundtrack Academy and are incorporated into the WSA Honorary Board.