Are you a young filmmaker under the age of 36? Are you aware of the power of music for your films, but have you not yet found the right vocabulary to go all the way with your composer in your creative partnership? Then let Film Fest Gent take you on an immersive exploration through the world of film music in the Creative Partnership Lab during the WSA Film Music Days in October.

About the WSA Creative Partnership Lab

The WSA Creative Partnership Lab invites three young filmmakers and three young composers for screen to discover the programme of the WSA Film Music Days together and immerse themselves in the world of film music. With this lab we strive to bring the worlds of filmmakers and composers closer together and to facilitate better communication between the two. By creating a conversation, we focus on the importance of film music composition in the process of filmmaking and emphasise the importance of the collaboration between a filmmaker and the composer. The purpose of the lab is that participants attend the WSA Film Music Days together.

The selected candidates will have access to the WSA Film Music Days, Film Fest Gent’s music events (masterclasses, panels, composer talks, networking events and concerts) where they will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the field of film and film music. Each candidate will receive a festival accreditation which grants access to all the festival’s film screenings.

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Film Fest Gent offers the selected candidates:

  • Access to the unique film music programme, with concerts, talks and masterclasses.
  • Participation in the networking activities such as the WSA Nominees Reception.
  • A full accreditation for the festival (usable from 8 October).
  • Overnight stay and breakfast in the historic centre of Gent, October 15-17 2024.
  • Participants must arrange their own travel to the festival and are responsible for most meals and other possible costs.


The call for filmmakers is now open, applications can be send to
Deadline for applications is 1 September.


  • Who can apply?

    Belgian filmmakers under the age of 36 who are working on a filmproject can apply.

  • What materials do you have to submit?

    Materials (in English) to be handed in:

    • Biography and photo
    • Contact details
    • A motivation letter
    • Info sheet about the film project
    • A note on the intentions and musical expectations for the film project


The composers participating to this programme are the nominees of our WSA Composition Contest.

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