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Third Character Matchmaking 2023 #2

Third Character

As a reference to Federico Fellini, who used to call film music the “Third Character”, this project aims to facilitate meetings between film composers, directors and producers. Selected composers are invited to meet duos of producers and directors working on a film project in development during the WSA Film Music Days in Ghent.

About Third Character

Federico Fellini used to call film music the "third character", valuing the importance of music as a vital part in cinema, and thus appreciating the art of composing for screen. The Third Character project is a unique initiative developed by Festival International Music & Cinema Marseille (MCM) and Sacem, and is annually organised in Marseille in April during MCM and in October in Ghent as part of the WSA Film Music Days.

The project gives composers the opportunity to meet duos of producers and directors who are working on a film project. It's the perfect way for composers, directors and producers alike to build a network and to find common creative ground. Collaborations born out of these meetings have the opportunity to apply for financial support for the score through authors' rights organisations Sabam and Sacem (only for member composers).

Third Character Matchmakings 2023


How exactly does the matchmaking process work? Directors and producers can submit the scenario or a specific scene of a film project. The material will be sent to the selected composers, who will make a few demos based on the vision and expectations of the director and producer concerning the atmosphere or style of the soundtrack.


  • For composers

    In order to participate, composers should be a member of the World Soundtrack Academy or of authors’ rights organisations Sabam or Sacem.

  • For film projects
    • Short or feature films
    • Fiction or documentary
    • Received financial support and thus confirmed to be produced
    • Shooting has not yet started
    • No composer linked to the project yet

Open call

  • For composers - opens in summer 2024

    Materials (in English) to be handed in:

    • Short motivational letter, elaborating on what kind of film projects you would like to be matched with, as well as a description of your work.
    • Recent picture
    • Short biography
    • Selection of demos (FLAC, ALAC or MP3) or a link to online demo material
    • Your membership with authors' rights organisations (Sacem, Sabam,..)
    • Contact details

    Information on how to apply will follow later.

  • For film projects - now open

    Materials (in English) to be handed in:

    • Screenplay with specific parts marked for which you would like to receive musical propositions
    • Guidelines on the musical expectations
    • Technical information on the film
    • CV (bio + picture) from the director and the producer
    • Contact details

    Directors and producers with an eligible film project can send their material to info@worldsoundtrackawards.com by 15 August 2024.

Timeline 2024

  • February: call for film projects
  • July: call for composers
  • 15 August: deadline submission materials
  • September: composers receive the script and musical guidelines
  • 15 – 17 October: encounters in Ghent, where composers will pitch music written specifically for the film projects/ selected scenes


Find all information about the 3rd Character project at the Festival International Music & Cinema Marseille on their website.


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