Young composers are the future of the film music industry, but rarely get the chance to showcase their talent to a (non-)professional (live) audience. Therefore, the World Soundtrack Academy each year offers screen composers under the age of 36 the chance to participate in the WSA Film Music Composition Contest and to win the Sabam Award for Best Original Composition by a Young Composer (worth €2.500) at the World Soundtrack Awards Ceremony & Concert.

2024 Composition Contest

Registrations for the 2024 Composition Contest are closed. The three finalists will be announced in September and will attend the WSA Film Music Days, including the World Soundtrack Awards Ceremony & Concert on 16 October where Brussels Philharmonic will perform their music live, after which the winner of the Sabam Award for Best Original Composition by a Young Composer will be announced.

Submissions for the 2025 Composition Contest will open in February/ March 2025.

Alec Sievern© Jeroen Willems

2023 Winner Composition Contest: Alec Sievern

In 2023, Alec Sievern received the SABAM Award for Best Original Composition by a Young International Composer. Sievern is a composer for both media and the classical stage. He is best known for his additional music on hit series such as Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte, and Marvel’s Secret Invasion. He has also gained a following with his solo piano works. The most popular of which, Prelude No. 1, marks the beginning of his most recent venture, 8 Preludes For Solo Piano. Graduating in 2017 from The University of Notre Dame with a degree in Mathematics, Sievern decided to use his extensive experience as a concert pianist to approach the world of composition instead. In 2018, he moved to Los Angeles, where he attended USC’s Screen Scoring Program. There, he was awarded the Betty Rose Award & Scholarship, awarded to an “outstanding, promising composer participating in The ASCAP Foundation Composer-in-Residence Program at the University of Southern California."
Currently, Alec works as a writer for composer Kris Bowers as he also continues his solo concert work. His compositions blend centuries of influence to create a unique and beautiful musical palate that attempts to discover previously unexplored ideas

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