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WSA Film Music Days

Experience the best of film music during our symphonic film music concerts and indulge in numerous seminars, composer talks, panel discussions and masterclasses during the WSA Film Music Days. As such, you get a glimpse behind the scenes of the film music industry. The full programme will be announced in September.

Check the already announced programme of the 2024 WSA Film Music Days. Tickets for the concerts are already on sale.

What are the WSA Film Music Days?

In short? A celebration of the art of film music, where composers for screen step into the spotlights for fans and peers alike. During the WSA Film Music Days, hundreds of professionals - from composers and directors, to producers, sound designers, students and agents - gather to network, and to enjoy a yearly programme of events, which roughly falls into two main parts: concerts and the WSA Talks & Masterclasses.

2023 -  23rd World Soundtrack Awards Ceremony & Concert© Jeroen Willems


Organised by Film Fest Gent, the WSA Film Music Days celebrates music composed for screen through several live performances. Annually, there are two symphonic concerts, including the prestigious World Soundtrack Awards Ceremony & Concert, a night lit up by awards and (film) music performed by Brussels Philharmonic.

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WSA Talks & Masterclasses

Composing for screen is an often overlooked art, and therefore we strongly believe in networking events for both young and established international film (music) professionals to gain insight into the currents of the industry. The WSA Talks & Masterclasses are the ideal opportunity to be part of inspiring discussions and to meet colleagues in the field. For fans and film music enthusiasts, it's a chance to meet their favourite composers and to learn more about the craft of composing.