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Become a member of the World Soundtrack Academy

What the Academy for Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is for film and the Oscars, the World Soundtrack Academy is for film scores and the World Soundtrack Awards. The WSAcademy is the largest community of film music professionals worldwide and decides yearly on the winners of the World Soundtrack Awards. Furthermore, WSAcademy members have exclusive access to events, talks and panels so they can meet, network and collaborate.

Become a member

If you are a professional composer for screen or another professional active in the film music industry, we invite you to become a member of the World Soundtrack Academy. You can become a member by filling out a registration form. To fill in the form, you first have to make a MyFFG-account on our website. Once you are logged in you will be able to access the form.

Barry Jenkins and Nicholas Britell at the 2018 WSA dinner

Watch the WSA Aftermovie

We enjoyed three days of concerts, masterclasses and talks, with film music front and centre. Watch the aftermovie of the World Soundtrack Awards and WSA Industry Days 2021.

Should I Apply for a Membership?

Membership is open to professional screen composers and other film music industry professionals, such as music executives, music supervisors, music editors, agents, managers, producers and publicists. Membership provides invaluable support for the film music activities and events of the World Soundtrack Academy, organised for the benefit of the international film music industry. Read about the terms and benefits of membership below.

  • What are the benefits of World Soundtrack Academy membership?
    • Voting privileges for the World Soundtrack Awards (Film Composer of the Year, Television Composer of the Year and Best Original Song).
    • Submission of candidates for consideration in the categories Film Composer of the Year, Television Composer of the Year and Best Original Song.
    • Free submission for the Discovery of the Year Award.
    • The membership fee can be recouped (or partially recouped) through the discount of €100 on the Film Music Industry Packages with VIP access to both the film music and the film programme at Film Fest Ghent, which includes:
      - accreditation for the film screenings at Film Fest Ghent
      - access to the (film and film music) Industry Days
      - invitation to the annual World Soundtrack Awards Dinner
      - VIP ticket for the World Soundtrack Awards Concert
      - invitation to the WSA Reception
      - access to several (formal and informal) networking opportunities
      - CD copy of the annual Film Fest Ghent album.
    • Visibility on the World Soundtrack Awards website.
    • Access to the matchmaking session to network with international agents, publicists and industry peers.
    • Qualification for the WSA Advisory Board on condition of nomination by a board member and availability of seats.
  • When can I apply for membership?

    Application for membership of the World Soundtrack Academy is possible throughout the year, but the annual deadline to receive voting privileges for the World Soundtrack Awards of the current year is 18 August. To benefit from the discount on the Film Music Industry Packages, please register before 15 October. Later applications will count towards the following year's WSA.

  • What are the terms for becoming a member?

    Terms for screen composers: at least one professional credit (for a feature-length motion picture or TV series episode).

    Terms for film music industry professionals: active professional involvement in the film music industry, e.g. as music executive, music supervisor, music editor, agent, manager, producer or publicist.

  • How much does membership cost?

    Membership requires an annual membership fee of €100 for composers and €150 for professionals.

  • How do I become a member?

    You can apply for membership by completing the following two-step registration process: fill out the registration form below and complete your payment.

    Please also supply a full biography that proves your active involvement in the film music industry. If the requirements for membership are not met, we reserve the right to refuse an application and charge a processing fee.

  • Can I support the World Soundtrack Awards in another way?

    If you are interested in supporting our organisation and our activities, see here for patronage, partnership or sponsorship opportunities.

  • When is membership automatically granted?

    Voting membership is automatically granted to the members of the WSA Boards, the guest of honour at the annual World Soundtrack Awards Concert and the winners of the Film Composer of the Year, TV Composer of the Year, Lifetime Achievement and Discovery of the Year WSAwards. The winners of the remaining WSAwards receive free membership for one year.

Why should you become a WSAcademy Member?

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