15 17 Oct '24

Wei-Chia Wu

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Function: Composer WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member
Wei Chia (Veronica) Wu is a Taiwanese composer, currently living in the USA. She completed her Masters of Music in Composition degree at Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University with Drs. Michael Hersch and Oscar Bettison. Since she is always fascinated by films and film music, after she got her master’s degree, she studied a graduate diploma of Film and Game Scoring in Film Scoring Academy of Europe and graduated in May, 2022. During this period, she collaborated with dozens of musicians and to record her film scores which include from small instrumentation to the large orchestra pieces.

She also has experience in collaborate with independent film directors for their short films and TV advertisements. Not only composed music for films, at the year 2015, she did sound design for the award-winning film Night Blindness by Taiwanese director Dong Tuan-Hao.

Veronica’s musical life follows a colorful path. During her undergraduate years, she gained experience as a recording engineer. She writes variety types of music, not only instrumental music but pop and rock music. Her first personal performance was in 2016, leading 30 players and administrators at Tainan Warehouse as a singer-songwriter. She loves to include electronic devices, synthesized sounds, influences from pop and rock music, paintings, photographs, and literature elements in her music. These materials and experience make her music colorful and convey a variety of emotions and make her become a good storyteller for helping film directors to enhance their story telling in their films. She believes that every film and film makers have their own worlds, and she her dream is using music to give their stories unique values.

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