15 17 Oct '24

Taka Chiyo

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Function: Co-CEO / Music Supervisor, CHIZU Music Supervision, Inc. WSAcademy: WSA Advisory Board Member
Taka Chiyo has been involved with more than 40 Japanese feature films including critically acclaimed titles including “Death Note - Light up the New World”(2016), “Memoirs of a Murderer”(2017), “Diner”(2019) and among others as music supervisor/music coordinator and most recently worked for an Oscar and Golden Globe nominee, Mamoru Hosoda’s latest animated feature “Belle” (2021) as music supervisor. In 2022, Studio Chizu, an animation studio and the home of Mamoru Hosoda, established a music supervision company as a group of companies, and Taka Chiyo was named as Co-CEO along with acting as music supervisor for the works of Studio Chizu and other projects of both live-action and animation.

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