15 17 Oct '24

Sylvia Filus

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Function: Composer WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member
Film and classical music composer, born in Poland and established in Paris (France) Sylvia Filus is graduated in Film music composition and Orchestration (First Prize).
She has composed music for different ensembles, from chamber music to symphonic orchestra and for several movies. In 2010 Sylvia Filus was honored with the Trophy of Women‘s Success by the Association France-Euro-Méditerranée and became finalist of the competition International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition awarded by the National Academy of Music (USA). In 2011 Sylvia Filus has composed music for her first feature film Le Bout du monde (The End of the World) by the Moroccan filmmaker Hakim Noury and for the documentary Avec toi sans toi by Francesca Ragusa. She was also commissioned to compose music for two silent movies Le Danseur de jazz (The Jazz Dancer) - feature and Troppo Bello! - short, by Lobster Films and La Sacem. In 2012 Sylvia scored the cinema documentary Fishermen (Rybacy) by Viktoria Marinov and in 2013 she has been awarded in the International Composition Competition Artistes en herbe in Luxembourg. In January 2014, among 25 film score French composers, she took part in the B.O. Film Music Concert in Paris and in March, in the traditional Primavera Concert of the orchestra I Solisti Veneti conducted by Claudio Scimone in Padova (Italy). In 2020 Sylvia Filus composed music for the movie Quand je serai grande (When I’ll grow up) by Yves Levy which received a found for original music from La Sacem.

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