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Stijn Cole ( aka Stan Lee Cole)

-Graduated in 1999 as a Master of Arts, at the renowned Studio Herman Teirlinck art school.
He wrote, directed and acted in several theatre plays for Hetpaleis and Podium Modern between 2000-2008. In his work he successfully combined music and theatre.

-Studied several online music courses at Berklee College in Boston and followed classes at the Jazzstudio in Antwerp. And continues to learn every day.

-He released and produced 2 albums as a singer songwriter under the name Stan Lee Cole. A song called ‘Separated’ won first prize in the International Songwriting Competition in 2012, judged by renowned artists such as Tom Waits, Suzanne Vega and Robert Smith, among others ...The video for ‘Separated’ Stijn had co-produced with Mark Borgions and was nominated for a Belgian MIA award.

The name Stan Lee Cole stuck for a while, but now Stijn is composing under his given name. Stijn Cole.

-Stijn starred and composed music the Belgian TV show Scheire en de Schepping. For 4 seasons he was the one man band of the show.

-He was one of the founding members of the a-capella beatbox band Off The Record. A band without instruments, that could make you dance. He also produced records for other bands like hiphop artist KRAMER and electro princes Samowar. And played several large festivals in the Benelux.

-In 2016 Stijn started a company called Earbug to focus solely on making music for film tv and games. Working with some of Antwerps finest musicians : Tom Pintens, Sam Vloemans, Ewout Lehoucq, Leen Diependaele, Dago Sondervan, Vincent Brijs, Tom Van Vlierberghe…To create immersive soundtracks.

Only 4 years later , In 2020 Stijn won a prestigious Ensor Award. The award for ‘Best Music’ for the movie Dealer by Jeroen Perceval.

Stijn has always had a true love for stories. In movies, theatre or games. And a unique approach to scoring…Thru his experience as an actor understanding drama and his experience as a musician when producing his own records. Enhancing the stories in media thru music.

‘‘I’m always looking for ‘that’ sound. A signature for the specific project. That sound, you don’t yet know what it is, but you’ll know when you hear it. I love the unknown, that blank canvas. That lets you create something unique every time.’’

'' It took me a while, but I feel I have finally come full circle, as my producing and composing skills meet my experience in drama creating sound for picture. Looking for a unique voice for every project. That is what I love to do the most '' ( Stijn )

Credits include:
-Suspect SE2 ( Happy Duck, Eagle Eye UK )
-Juliet ( Eyeworks, ZDF)
-MrK. ( Lemming Film, A Private View )
-Alter Ego ( ATeam )
-Rough Diamonds ( De Mensen Netflix)
-Dealer ( Savage)
-Meneer Papier ( Mockingbirds/ ZDF )
-Gent West ( Play4 )
-Geub ( woestijnvis)
- MBSV, Luizenmoeder, Belgium True Crime ( Lecter media)
-Vechtmeisje ( Filmkitchen)