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Patrick Lemmens

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Function: Sound Engineer (High-Score Recording & Mixing Services) WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member
Patrick Lemmens was born and raised in the German speaking region in Eastern Belgium and has a background as a classical musician, playing french horn and double bass. After secondary school he studied Sound Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences and the Robert Schumann Conservatory in Düsseldorf, Germany; in 2001 he graduated as one of Germany’s youngest Tonmeisters and immediately started his career at the renowned Galaxy Studios in Belgium, first as assistant engineer, later as in-house engineer for classical productions and orchestral recordings. Since the very beginning in 2005, Patrick has been closely involved in the development of the three-dimensional audio format Auro-3D at Galaxy Studios; today he is being considered as an expert in recording and mixing music in this format, not only in the classical domain, but also in electronic music and jazz. Since 2008 he has been specializing in film music and has to this day recorded and/or mixed over 160 sound tracks for movies, making him one of Belgium’s most experienced film music engineers. From 2013 until the end of 2019, Patrick has been functioning as Head of Music Department at Galaxy Studios; in October 2019 he founded High-Score Recording and Mixing Services, which allowed him to open up new perspectives by collaborating with many European scoring stages and recording studios, as well as with the most important symphonic orchestras of Belgium. Patrick also gives lectures and workshops about recording and mixing music for film in surround and immersive sound all over Europe.

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