15 17 Oct '24

Nicolas Errèra

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Function: Composer WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member
The peripatetic music of Composer Nicolas Errèra travels by way of Hong Kong action, French electro pop, emotional international dramas, quirky comedies and taut thrillers. Wherever the music lands, it will always set a stylistic standard. Errèra is a composer attuned to making a distinctive mark in the areas of film, TV series, advertising and live performance. With music grounded in melody but equally capable of jumping into rhythmic excitement, suspense and humor, Errèra drew on the energy and success of his hit Euro bands Grand Popo Football Club and Rouge Rouge to segue into a prolific composing career.

Making an impact on French screens with the comedy-drama “The Butterfly,” Errèra found a rewarding collaboration with Hong Kong filmmaker Benny Chan with the thriller “Connected,” a partnership that’s shown off the composer’s range from the martial arts propulsion of “Shaolin” to the cops and robbers excitement of “The White Storm” and the smash Donnie Yen hit “Raging Fire.”
Errèra also worked in the Asian region for director Larry Yang with the acclaimed drama of “Mountain Cry” and accompanied NBA star Stephon Marbury’s exhilarating trip to the Chinese leagues with “Another Shot,” all while also scoring the 1930’s gangsters of Jiang Wen’s “Hidden Man.” Another lasting collaboration has been with Canadian director Ken Scott, for whom he’s taken an exotic trip to India for “The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir,” accompanied the bumbling heist of “Sticky Fingers” and traveled to the Magdalen islands for the family drama “Goodbye Happiness” Errèra’s music has sped through Parisian streets with the race against time of “Sleepless Night,” the cult comedy “Me Two” and the sensual entanglement of “My Night” in a career that has so far encompassed over eighty feature and television credits.

Starting his artistic career as a teenage actor for acclaimed theater director Peter Brook, Errèra has branched into composing for the stage with the Oscar-winning actor John Malkovich. His music has also accompanied ad campaigns for Yves Saint-Laurent, Christian Dior and Givenchy, the Goya- winning animated film “Nocturna” and such TV series as “War on Beasts” and “Algiers Confidential”. But whatever his projects’ demands, Errèra’s instinct for collaboration along with his dexterity in mixing orchestra, electronica, and rock/pop elements remains notable, as his musical passion continues to find vibrant new forms of expression.

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