19 21 oct '23

Natalie Baartz

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Function: Agent WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member
Music in Media, industry veteran of close to twenty years. Composer fanatic, creating ‘Score Mixtapes’ since the age of ten. After completing a BA In Film & Media, with a dissertation on ‘The Importance of the Hollywood Score’, Natalie Baartz adventured across the globe from her British homeland to Los Angeles, where she started her career as Music Coordinator at Mothlight Music under Music Supervisor, John Bissell. Since then, she has gone on to hold positions as Music Supervisor at the Ant Farm, Music Director at Ignition Creative and Vice President of Film,TV & Creative at BMI. Currently, she is the Founder & Owner of Scorebird, a creative sync agency, representing composers. Throughout Baartz’s career she has made it her mission to support composers and elevate the importance of innovation and creativity in music for media. She has always believed in the notion that it is better to experiment and fail than to play it safe and become redundant.

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