15 17 Oct '24

Lauren Kahler

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Function: Composer Agent WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member

Lauren Kahler is a seasoned professional with an impressive track record in the entertainment industry spanning over two decades. Armed with a BFA in theatre from the renowned UCSB, Lauren's passion for the arts and storytelling became evident early on. Her journey in the entertainment world began on film sets, where she honed her skills and gained valuable insights into the mechanics of filmmaking. However, it was behind the scenes in development and casting that Lauren truly found her niche. As a casting director, she showcased her innate talent for identifying the perfect talent to bring characters to life on the screen. Some notable works include her casting efforts on the ABC hit series "Emergency Call”, the critically acclaimed “Sara Silverman’s I Love You, America" and “Outlast” for Netflix.

In 2021, after establishing herself in the casting world, Lauren decided to embark on a new adventure in the film music industry. This pivotal move led her to join the prestigious Allegro Talent Group. As part of the team, she leveraged her extensive network and expertise to connect with influential film network executives.

At Allegro Talent Group she has not only maintained her reputation for identifying extraordinary talent but has also forged strong relationships with key industry players. Her keen eye for matching the right talent with the perfect projects remains at the core of her approach.

With an unwavering passion for the craft and an innate ability to bring stories to life, Lauren Kahler continues to make significant contributions to the entertainment industry.

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