15 17 Oct '24

Kevin Kiner

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Function: Composer WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member
Renowned composer Kevin Kiner, an Annie Award winner, stands as a testament to his craft, with numerous Emmy and Annie Nominations adorning his illustrious career. Having clinched an impressive tally of 20 BMI Film & TV Awards, Kevin has solidified his position as one of the entertainment industry's most versatile and in-demand composers.

Over the span of more than a decade, Kevin Kiner collaborated closely with visionaries George Lucas and Dave Filoni, leaving his indelible mark on all seven seasons of the iconic series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. His exceptional talent garnered him the coveted 2021 Annie Award for "Best Music – TV/Media," specifically for the series' emotionally charged finale episode, "Victory and Death," in addition to earning him a prestigious Primetime Emmy nomination.

Kevin's diverse repertoire extends beyond the galaxy of Star Wars, encompassing a rich tapestry of projects. His musical prowess has graced HBO Max's action-packed series Peacemaker, Netflix's gripping Narcos: Mexico, HBO Max's Titans and Doom Patrol, Showtime's riveting City on a Hill, AMC's critically acclaimed Dark Winds and Hell on Wheels, CBS's beloved CSI: Miami, and CW's enchanting Jane the Virgin.

Presently, Kevin has lent his musical genius to the highly acclaimed Ahsoka, a remarkable addition to the Star Wars saga. This groundbreaking series marks a historic milestone, as it propels the character of Ahsoka to the forefront of live-action storytelling, and simultaneously introduces beloved characters from the animated series Star Wars: Rebels to the live-action realm. Additionally, Kevin is starting work on Dark Winds season 3 for AMC. Several other projects are also in the works for 2024.

With a breathtaking ability to craft intimate, soulful guitar melodies as well as epic and grand orchestral compositions, Kevin Kiner's music transcends boundaries, transporting audiences across diverse landscapes—from serene deserts to bustling metropolises, and even to the farthest reaches of a galaxy, far, far away.

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