15 17 Oct '24

Joris Hermy

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Function: Composer WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member

To Joris Hermy music and images are ultimately and eternally intertwined. Ever since his very first encounter with the powers of the symphonic sound through the scores of Maestro John Williams, he started to study music and additionally he pursued workshops around the world to learn from the best in the field. Gentlemen like Mr. Conrad Pope , Mr. Patrick Doyle and contemporary composer Mr. Wim Hendrickx sharpened his knowledge about the orchestra and how to compose music on picture. All of these encounters encouraged him to work his way up in the contemporary Film- and Television Music Industry.

‘Jungle Book’ marked Hermy's first big musical project for which he wrote, orchestrated and conducted all the music and songs for a 10 piece live ensemble. It was the start of an extraordinary creative journey in very diverse fields of work completing one challenging project after another.

In recent years he scored multiple shorts, most notably and recently ‘Avalon’ - a Sundance audience awarded short. He also wrote a great deal of animation works such as the very popular webseries ‘Bad Days’ with Marvel Comics-icon - Mr. Stan Lee himself - participating. Besides these works he also wrote music for documentaries such as the Dutch titled 'Bijsluiter van Goed Doen' and videogames like 'Mayan Death Robots'

Since his first assignments he worked for diverse popular television networks like VTM(Kzoom), VIER & RTL Telekids and a loyal base of respectable international clients like Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, Studio 100, KLOMP! Animation, Audiocult, Brandy & Twice Entertainment to name a few. In 2016 he had the wonderful opportunity to record his work with the Brussels Philharmonic in Brussels which is no stranger to scoring soundtracks. They have recorded many scores such like the Academy award winning ‘The Artist’ and recently Clint Mansell’s stunning score for ‘High-Rise’

Currently Hermy is busy scoring mainly for television. In 2015 he wrote his first television-score for the popular TV Series 'Kattenoog' which got a soundtrack album released through Kronos Records. Ever since more television projects followed. ‘Kosmoo’ is entering it’s third season later this year, and right now he has started scoring duties for the prestigious new drama-comedy series called ‘Gina & Chantal’ that will air early 2018...

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