Jeremy Wallace Maclean

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Function: Composer WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member
Jeremy Wallace Maclean is a LA based composer born and raised in British Columbia. A young man provided the freedom and space to go against the grit, he was, and remains, guided by intuitive forces.

Unaware of the more traditional paths to composition, a persistent flow of instinct and curiosity has led him to a seemingly unintentional mastery of craft without classical training. Drawing on an eclectic collage of inspiration, his work is not confined to any one genre.

Developing each project from a canvas free of prior influence, Jeremy has found a manner of interpreting cues from the visual plane to create soundscapes that speak to the individual task at hand. Adapting each score to reinforce the film, his work furthers the conversation without simply reiterating the story.

An artist in collaboration with his own methods, Jeremy is simultaneously the creator and conduit of his work. A self propelled catalyst in unspoken agreement with the medium, he finds the imperfection in music, people, and nature both the source and result of his process.