WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member
Christoph Zirngibl is a German film music composer living in Munich, Germany with his family.

Recently he composed the music for the upcoming Apple TV+ series "Where's Wanda" (produced by UFA Fiction, directed by Christian Ditter), the animated feature "The Hero of Centopia" (produced by Flying Bark Productions, directed by Adam Gunn) as well as Netflix' "Skandal! Bringing down Wirecard" (produced by Passion Pictures, directed by Emmy-nominated James Erskine).

He has been awarded several times, e.g. the Hollywood Music in Media Award, the film music award of the New York Indie Film Festival as well as the Price of the German Television Academy and has been nominated several times, e.g. at the Music & Sound International Awards, Camille Awards / European Film Composer Awards and the GEMA Musikautorenpreis.

By now Zirngibl has written more than 80 scores for prime time movies, TV series and feature films of various genres.