15 17 Oct '24

Chantelle Woodnutt

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Function: Composer Agent WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member
Chantelle is an agent for Air-Edel Associates Ltd, where she has worked for over 10 years, primarily based in London. As well as looking after the Air-Edel roster of composers, she also oversees the company’s publishing catalogue and the record labels, Air-Edel Records and Besant Hall Records. She has also worked as a music and score supervisor on projects, including the Italian Fremantle series for Amazon 'Veleno', Uberto Pasolini’s 'Nowhere Special', New Pictures’ 'Catherine The Great', 'Outlaw King' for Netflix, and BAFTA Scotland Award winning 'Nae Pasaran'.

In addition to her WSA membership, she is a member of BAFTA and the UK & European Guild of Music Supervisors.

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