15 17 Oct '24

Beat Solèr

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Function: Composer WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member
BEAT SOLÉR is a Swiss film composer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist who has been releasing
music for over 30 years.
His career starts as a child with guitar lessons. Already as a teenager he played in various indie bands as a
guitarist but also in various other projects, like accordion player in a klezmer band, or substitute drummer in
a girl band.
In addition to an apprenticeship as a graphic designer, he attended the Jazz School in St.Gallen and soon
discovered electronic music for himself.
In the mid-nineties his first electronic album was released on the Viennese label Klein Records. 5 more
albums were to follow. His album "out of the woods" (2004) also contained the world hit "Manila", after which
he was on the road as a DJ in popular clubs worldwide in addition to various tours. He also worked as a
producer for the Stereo MCs and wrote music for Karl Lagerfeld (Haute-Couture Show 2007).
After the turn of the millennium, his focus shifted more and more to film music.
For the music of his first feature film "Der Ausflug" (Director: Mathieu Seiler, 2012) he received the award of
the Association of German Film Critics. Many feature films ranging from independent films like "True Love
Ways" (Director: Mathieu Seiler, 2014) or "Monkey King" (Director: Oliver Rihs, 2016) to blockbusters like
"Iceman" (Director: Felix Raundau, 2017) or "Achtung, Fertig, WK!" (Director: Oliver Rihs, 2013) were to
follow. In addition to feature films, he composed music for many documentaries in cinema or television
His advertising music clients include Greenpeace, Fishermans Friend, Bugatti, Novartis, DHL, Oxfam, SAT1,
Credit Suisse and several more.
Solèr's broad background in music enables him to deal sensitively with a wide variety of formats and clients.
From orchestral compositions to experiments with unusual instruments; from spherical sounds to driving
electro-beats - the intensive examination of formats and styles, the creative empathy with the respective
demands and the desire to make things hidden tangible through a musical language are the supporting
pillars of his successful work.

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