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Bart Van Lierde (Gent) has been a professional musician for over 20 years. He plays / has played bass, double bass and keys in some major Belgian bands and has performed on many stages in the Benelux, Europe, Canada and the US. For the last few years, he has also been composing music for film and video.

In December 2023, Bart successfully completed ‘Music composition for Film and TV 1 and 2’ at Berklee online extension school.

He is the regular composer for director Domien Huyghe; after several short films, Bart also made the score and source music for Huyghe's first feature film, ZEEVONK (SEA SPARKLE), which was released in cinemas at the beginning of 2023. It had its world premiere at the Berlin International Filmfestival 2023 and was opening film in ‘Generation’.

The special mention jury statement:

“A determined and enraged young girl who never gave up hope caused us tension as well as sadness. The rough sea and the proper music created a great atmosphere”.

And in De Morgen:

“Also very successful: Bart Van Lierde’s soundtrack navigates between hard and heartwarming”.

Bart sees similarities between the role of a composer and that of a bass player in a band: "I have a creative role but I always work in function of the bigger picture. It is my job to place my own accents allowing others to ‘shine'."

Zita Swoon, K’s Choice, Meuris, Zornik, Hannelore Bedert, Radio Oorwoud, Cole Park,
Nona Mez, Kowzi, Les Truttes, Wegsfeer, Buurman, Peter Vandrie, Rick de Leeuw, Tom

Music on screen
Feature film:
SEA SPARKLE / ZEEVONK by Domien Huyghe (voorjaar 2023),
Productiehuis: A Private View

Short films:
Porte Bagage - Domien Huyghe (2013)
This is How I Disappear - Domien Huyghe (2016)
Maverick - Domien Huyghe (2017)
Een jong meisje - Jeannice Adriaansens (2018)
A gentle gesture - Ann Julie Vervaeke (2023)
Stay - Nick Ceulemans (2024)

Animation series:
Trailer: Tommy Pepper.

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