19 21 oct '23

Annette Gentz

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WSAcademy: WSA Advisory Board Member

Annette Gentz is one of Germany’s premiere agents for film music. Her company Annette Gentz Music & Film Arts has been initiating and supervising score productions for European and international films for over 9 years, collaborating with film producers and directors, music supervisors, publishers and record labels worldwide.

Previous film projects she was involved in include soundtracks by among others Florencia Di Concilio, Michael Nyman, Volker Bertelmann/ Hauschka, Max Richter, Selma Mutal, Gert Wilden, Johannes Repka and Boris Bojadzhiev. One of her more recent projects is Karsten Fundal's score for the award winning Danish-Syrian feature documentary “Last Men in Aleppo”. As a music supervisor she focusses on the creation of original score music, securing the right composer for the right project.

The film composers she represents are award winning musicians and unique voices in German and international cinema. All of the artists she works with are trained in the classical field yet feel comfortable on the cutting edge, moving between genres. They collaborate with creatives from other disciplines and are interested in investigating different formats of presentation.

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