15 17 Oct '24

Ali Ochoa

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Function: Composer WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member
Ali Ochoa is a Venezuelan composer who currently resides in Miami. He is mostly known for his cinematic, electronic and classical music compositions. The scope of his work is versatile and ranges from synthesizers, electric guitars and string quartets to Southern American folk music and many others. His passion for music and love for film brought him the opportunity to work with the Venezuelan awarded director, Andreina Isea in the movie “Maru Style”.

His work then proved to be outstanding and the phone calls from directors in the United States and Spain began to pour in. He went on to create the soundtracks for “Donde esta Memo” (Movie), “Desmotivaciones Domésticas” (Short film), “Un Gran Pase” (Short Film), “Fair Fight” (Short Film) and “The Best You Got” (Short film).

At the age of 29, he moved to New York to obtain his Master’s Degree in Studio Composition at Purchase College (2016-2018). He studied alongside Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Du Yun, Jakub Ciupinski (New York art-vanguard composer), Grammy-winning producer Peter Denenberg, Emmy-winner composer Allyson Bellink and the multi-awarded Darren Salomon.

In 2021, his song “Tu mejor amiga” got a placement on the movie “TQM” which is currently streaming worldwide on Amazon Prime. Based on his composition skills, Ali won “The American Protégé 2019” competition for which he performed at the Carnegie Hall in New York City, a piano soloist concert in 2022. Other highlights in his unique career include producing albums for over 100 independent artists, composing the main theme for TV Commercials and releasing his own albums as an artist, in which we find fused cinematic sounds, electronic textures, classical music and visual art.

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