WSAcademy: WSA Advisory Board Member

Alexander Vangelos is a talent agent at First Artists Management specializing in the representation of film, television, and video game composers. First Artists’ roster includes composers such as Oscar winner Vangelis, Oscar nominated Carter Burwell, Grammy winner David Arnold, Golden Globe winner Craig Armstrong, John Ottman, Golden Globe nominated Rolfe Kent, and Lyle Workman, just to name few. Since becoming an agent at First Artists Management, Alexander has signed clients such as four time Grammy award winner and Golden Globe nominee, Antonio Sanchez, Laurent Eyquem, Nathan Halpern, Frank Ilfman, and Rael Jones, amongst others. As an up and coming agent in the business, Alexander focuses on dentifying the next wave of filmmakers and showrunners, while strategizing on how to create new, meaningful relationships for his clients. Through this approach, Alexander has successfully cultivated relationships for many of his clients. Whether it’s delivering hand written notes from his clients, along with their music, to filmmakers and showrunners they are keen on working with, or lunching with managers of up and coming creatives, Alexander is always thinking of new ways to create career defining opportunities for his clients.