WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member
As a graduate musicologist, he is your contact person at the European FilmPhilharmonic Institute for information on your programme planning, assists you in the musical selection of your film music concerts and prepares a tailor-made offer based on your selection.
Since moving to Berlin in 2012, he has worked in several areas of the music industry. As promotion assistant at the international publisher Music Sales Classical he was responsible for the creation of thematic promotion mailings, PR and music consulting.
At the European FilmPhilharmonic Institute, Alexander De Tey is responsible for the editorial work for individually adapted productions, the creation of the orchestra material and, if required, also accompanies the rehearsals from a material technology perspective. Through his work with Notengrafik Berlin, he is familiar with publishing standards and performance practice challenges, even for large orchestras.
Alexander De Tey has gained live production experience primarily in his role as Vice Managing Director of the chamber music ensemble Musica Sequenza. During his time there the project “Sampling Baroque – Händel”, the first electronic music album at Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, was created. At the European FilmPhilharmonic Institute he worked as a production assistant at the International Film Music Competition Zurich.