15 17 Oct '24

Alejandro Rivas Cottle

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Function: Composer WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member
Alejandro Rivas Cottle is a Bolivian composer based in Brussels. He studied composition and orchestra conducting in La Paz and music production in Ghent. He started working in various musical fields; as a conductor (assistant conductor Symphonic Band Bolivian National Conservatory 2002-2004; Experimental Orchestra of Indigenous Instruments OEIN 2005-2007), composer of contemporary music (Boqueron 1932 for symphonic band, Viento for OEIN, Pendulo for clarinet and soundscape), singer-songwriter (concerts in different cities of Bolivia and other countries such as Spain, Peru, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Galapagos, since 1996), sound engineer and producer (working from his recording studio Brujas Records in La Paz). Combining these different experiences, Alejandro became interested in music for film. Since 2011 he has composed music for different projects in Bolivia and Belgium; advertising, animation film, documentaries and feature film. His latest collaboration was ‘El Color del Camaleón’, a Belgian-Chilean production supported by Vaf, Rtbf and Canvas. The variety of influences makes him a versatile composer.

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