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Film composer born in Mexico City in 1964. He studied flute, piano and composition with private teachers. In 1986, he attended the Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, California, where he studied Music Composing and Arranging and Recording Engineering. In 1988 he toured Mexico as a rock keyboard player. Alejandro Giacomán has worked in Mexico with several production companies in over 66 motion pictures since 1987. For most of his projects, Alejandro does the composition, orchestration, notation and complete recording and production of his music. Some of his soundtracks have been edited on CD and are available through digital download or streaming. He has received two Ariel awards from the Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences, one in 2008 for the score of Burn the Bridges (2007), directed by Francisco Franco Alba, performed by the Aguascalientes Symphonic Orchestra, and the second in 2011 for the score of Hidalgo, the untold story (2010) a historical drama commemorating the bicentennial of Mexico’s Independence, directed by Antonio Serrano, and performed by the San Luis Potosí Symphonic Orchestra. The Mexican Academy has also nominated him for Benjamin's Woman (1992, collaboration), Deserted Seas (1994, collaboration) and On the air (1995). Other noteworthy nominations include, Volverte a ver (Seeing you again) (2008) nominated to PECIME's Diosa de Plata; Morgana (2012), nominated to PECIME's Diosa de Plata; The Tequila effect (2011), nominated in Festival Pantalla de Cristal; Perfect Obedience (2014), nominated to PECIME's Diosa de Plata and Festival Pantalla de Cristal, and Por Mis Bigotes (Whiskers) (2014); his song Mis quince bigotes de fama (My fifteen whiskers of fame)(2016), performed by Javier Gurruchaga from Spain’s rock band Orquesta Mondragón, was nominated for best film theme song at PECIME's Diosa de Plata awards.