15 17 Oct '24

Adele Etheridge Woodson

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Function: Composer WSAcademy: WSA Voting Member
Adele Etheridge Woodson is a classically trained film and visual media composer. As a film composer, her strengths lie in her versatility and her creativity in fusing music genres. Recently, Adele scored Pant Hoot, a documentary featuring Dr. Jane Goodall, for which she was nominated for Best Original Score at the International Sound and Film Music Festival 2020.

Adele’s compositional work also includes original dance shows and sound installations, but her most impressive feat may be her concert premieres in Vienna, New York City, Phoenix, Cleveland, and Nashville. Her first string quartet, Humble: Hip Hop Variations on a Theme by Kendrick Lamar, was premiered by the PHACE Ensemble at the Vienna Summer Music Festival in 2018.

In addition to her own composing work, Adele served as a score coordinator for TOKiMONSTA’s score for Nora from Queens on Comedy Central and assisted Emily Bear on multiple television projects, including FX’s The Premise. Adele also arranges and orchestrates strings for artists around the world, and she currently works as the composer for the contemporary dance company Kraken Still & Film.

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