15 17 Oct '24

WSA Gala & Concert: VIP + Afterparty

News 04 Oct 2017
A gala with no after party is like a pub with no beer. A gala without VIPs is like a playground without children. So go and have fun at our gala as a VIP and enjoy the after party as well!

As a VIP, you get the best first class seats (parterre) and you can dance the night away at the after party, a first for the WSA! After the Gala & Concert, journalist/dj duo Jeroen Struys (film journalist for ‘De Standaard’) and Robin Broos (culture editor for ‘De Morgen’) will play the most danceable soundtracks and filmy dance tracks just for you. Snacks and drinks are, obviously, also provided. Order your VIP package here, and get a gala-like treatment!

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