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Win the Cinema Canvas Compilation Album!

News 19 Jul 2017
This summer Cinema Canvas provides Flanders with outdoor screenings of film classics, selected by experts in the field. However, iconic films wouldn't be half as legendary without some iconic music to accompany them, so Cinema Canvas has released a compilation album!

Composers and bands often remain forever linked with the films they provided music for. The films that were selected for Cinema Canvas are no exception to the rule: we especially remember the Tears For Fears songs from 'Donnie Darko' or Alexandre Desplat's compositions for 'Moonrise Kingdom', directed by Wes Anderson.

A wonderful selection of the music from Cinema Canvas films has now been released as a compilation album! As you know, we love compilation albums (you can still support our crowdfunding campaign for the Terence Blanchard compilation here) and especially the ones that were made for film music lovers.

You can win the Cinema Canvas album by sending the answer to the question "What is your all-time favourite soundtrack and why?" to info@filmfestival.be. We will be informing the winners in the last week of July. The album is also available in shops from the 21st of July.

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