15 17 Oct '24

Video Gallery: WSA Film Music Days

WSA Nominees Round Table Game Music Award 8
Report In beeld 26 Oct 2023
Experience the best of film music during our symphonic film music concerts and indulge in numerous seminars, composer talks, panel discussions and masterclasses during the WSA Film Music Days. As such, you get a glimpse behind the scenes of the film music industry.

AFTERMOVIE: World Soundtrack Awards 2023

WSA Nominees Round Table: Film & TV Composer of the Year & Best Original Song

WSA Nominees Round Table: Public Choice Award

WSA Nominees Round Table: Discovery of the Year

Composer's Talk: Borislav Slavov

Composer's Talk: Stephanie Economou

WSA Game Music Award Nominees Roundtable

Creative Partnership: Eiko Ishibashi x Ryûsuke Hamaguchi

Join the Conversation, Change the Game

Music Supervisors: Gatekeepers or Opportunity Makers

Score: The Podcast - Live with Colin Stetson

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