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In the spotlight: collaboration with Vooruit

News 13 Sep 2017
Film Fest Gent and arts centre Vooruit go way back when it comes to the presentation of our yearly programme, in which we explore the fringes of cinema in performances, lectures, music and theatre. We will be tightening our collaboration as of 2017, by bringing you a programme dedicated to the cross-pollination of image and music.

Vooruit wil be the hotspot of every music related event organised by Film Fest Gent, except for the two concerts which will be held in Capitole (more info). Film music professionals from all over the world will be able to find their peers at Vooruit for three days (17-19 October), and network, chat and discuss everything currently happening in the film music industry.

17/10/2017: Film Music Seminar @ Theaterzaal (9:00-16:00)
18/10/2017: Industry Day @ Theaterzaal e.a. (9:00-16:00)
19/10/2017: Press Conference + Meet & Greet @ Theaterzaal (11:00 am)

These events are not the only opportunities to enjoy fruitful collaborations between composers and directors, between sound and vision. During the festival (10-20 October), Vooruit and Film Fest Gent host 8 concerts in Vooruit that combine live soundtracks and cinema on screen. There will be improvisations, new soundtracks to non-existing movies, exciting live visuals and the revival of expanded cinema! The full programme is available on www.vooruit.be.

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