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News 18 May 2016
World Soundtrack Awards needs your help! Early May we proudly announced our World Soundtrack Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Ryuichi Sakamoto. Like every year we want to treat musiclovers to exclusive renditions of their favourite scores even after the World Soundtrack Gala with a unique album. This album will be a collection of Sakamoto's scores, for the first time focused on his entire body of work in film and television rather than just on one film at a time. The scores will be brought to life by Brussels Philharmonic conducted by Dirk Brossé. To achieve this goal we started a Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Sakamoto's film and television scores include works for Nagisa Oshima's 'Merry Christmas, Mr.Lawrence', (with David Bowie), Bernardo Bertolucci's 'The Last Emperor' (1987), (in which he starred and for which he won an Oscar for Best Original Score), 'The Sheltering Sky' (1990) and 'Little Buddha' (1993). Brian DePalma's 'Snake Eyes' (1998) and 'Femme Fatale' (2002), Pedro Almodovar's 'High Heels' (1991), Volker Schlöndorff's 'The Handmaid’s Tale' (1990), Oliver Stone's miniseries 'Wild Palms' (1993) and last but not least the film that finally delivered Leonardo Dicaprio his Oscar: Alejandro González Iñárritu's 'The Revenant'. A selection from these and other works will be collected for the first time on our album.

Last year, through the help of our backers, we were able to release a special Alan Silvestri album. Backers did not only receive a copy of the album but also got to enjoy some extra perks like tickets and backstage acces to the World Soundtrack Awards Gala. Our biggest financers even had the chance to be in the recording room with Brussels Philharmonic and Dirk Brossé. A meet & greet with Alan Silvestri was also one of the special advantages of our most generous backers.

Because we couldn't make the album happen without your help, our backers this year will enjoy the same and even more exclusive rewards. After only a couple of days we already received 20% of our budget! We now call out to Sakamoto and World Soundtrack Awards fans to help us achieve our goal of €10 000.
Visit our Indiegogo page to become a backer and be part of this unique experience!

Bringing R. Sakamotos filmmusic to your ears! on Indiegogo

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