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Ghent Film Festival pays a musical tribute to femmes fatales

News 10 Sep 2009
Marilyn Monroe, Janet Leigh, Sharon Stone, Jeanne Moreau and Nicole Kidman, these are only a few of the world-famous actresses who made film history to what it is today. Composer Alexandre Desplat and the Traffic Quintet pay a musical tribute to these mythical women called Divine Féminin. A marvellous film soundtrack night with 'Women' as theme, on Wednesday 14 October in Handelsbeurs Ghent.
Whether they be Ingrid Bergman or Helen Mirren, some actresses are deeply lodged in the collective film memory. It is only the privilege of the very few to enter into the pantheon of these immortal women. The combination of dazzling beauty, outstanding acting talent and a personality full of character are not up for grabs just like that. These exceptional actresses are the source of inspiration for a special soundtrack concert by the Traffic Quintet. Called Divine Féminin, it is a musical homage to the femmes fatales of the silver screen. The French composer, Alexandre Desplat, adapted music by colleague-composers like Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith, Georges Delerue and Gabriel Yared. The accompanying images are by film maker Ange Leccia who based himself on the American film noir and the work of the French artist Jacques Monory. An instrumental suite which Pacal Dusapin wrote for his opera Medeamaterial is also part of the concert. The music will be accompanied by images of Maria Callas in her only film role as Medea in the film of the same name by Pier Paolo Pasolini. The Traffic Quintet is an atypical ensemble founded by violinist Dominique Lemonnier. By combining soundtrack and video art, the Quintet managed to walk their own artistic road. Previously Alexandre Desplat collaborated with the Traffic Quintet on a programme about Nouvelle Vague. Alexandre Desplat will, apart from the concert Divine Féminin, also be present at the 9th edition of the World Soundtrack Awards as central guest. He conducts the Brussels Philharmonic which will bring music from The Girl with the Pearl Earring, The Queen, The Painted Veil and Lust Caution. Info Divine Féminin Wednesday 14 October at 8pm Handelsbeurs Ghent Tickets: € 35 via Handelsbeurs www.handelsbeurs.be - 0032 9 265 91 60

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