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First titles announced for Sound and Vision section

News 25 Jul 2014
Film Fest Gent and Spotify present the new music film section: Sound and Vision. A fresh programme focussing on international films and documentaries dealing with music.

The film concert of the Belgian band Arsenal: Dance! Dance! Dance! is the first title of the music section. This extraordinary show, created to tie in with their new album, Furu, will have its world premiere on 22 October 2014 at Film Fest Gent in collaboration with Vooruit. Dance! Dance! Dance! has become an impressive mood board for their new album, Furu. The film concert will combine unreleased soundtrack material with more familiar tracks by Arsenal.

20,000 Days on Earth, the fictional documentary about singer and culture icon Nick Cave by the artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, will have its Belgian premiere at the 41st Film Fest Gent. This unique blend of documentary essay and cinematic fiction demonstrates the connection between Cave and the filmmakers, visual artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard; all three are illuminating the search for truth through artifice and myth. Ultimately, 20,000 Days on Earth reaches beyond Cave to ask all of us how many days we've been alive and what use we've made of that time.

Be sure to listen to the #ffgent approved Sound and Vision playlist on the Spotify account of Film Fest Gent.

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