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News 29 May 2019
We will once again join forces for ten days of film and music with Vooruit during Film Fest Gent 2019. After a first succesful edition of Videodroom in 2018 we will again present a series of concert evenings where top musicians, representing a diversity of genres, come and play new compositions live to accompany films and projections. These new pieces may be new interpretations of existing scores or completely new, unique improvisations. Exclusive, one-off crossovers that you’ll only find at Vooruit.

Expect the psychedelic and noisy Moon Duo that will be presenting their latest audiovisual show at Vooruit. We'll also be welcoming, for the third time, the Ghent-based collective GHOST (Raveyards) with their all-encompassing spectacle of music, film and performances. And Circuit des Yeux’s Haley Fohr tackles the obscure 1923 masterpiece ‘Salomé’:

- In 2019 we will celebrate the 40th birthday of ‘Alien’, the iconic science fiction classic by director Ridley Scott. The film, with the legendary monster designed by H.R. Giger, will get an unforgettable honourary salute in Vooruit on Saturday 12 October. As part of Videodroom, GHOST and Vooruit are again working together on a unique trail, in which classic scenes from the film - the chestburst! - will scare the hell out of you. (12/10 - GHOST 'Alien Edition' - info & tickets)

- ‘Salomé’ is a film version of the eponymous controversial play of Oscar Wilde by Charles Bryant. The film flopped when it made his debut in 1923, but is now regarded as an exotic camp gem and the first arthouse film ever. Haley Fohr, better known under her alter ego Circuit des Yeux, tackled the original score of this silent film. With her unforgettable voice - a crossover between Nico and Scott Walker - and supported by a live band, Fohr brings a modern, feminist update that undermines the stereotype of the femme fatale. (13/10 - Haley Fohr of Circuit des Yeux plays 'Salomé' - info & tickets)

- Psychedelic krautrock and electronic drones: that's how you can describe the musical exploits of Erik Ripley Johnson (Wooden Shjips) and Sanae Yamada in a nutshell. Better known under their stage name Moon Duo, they have been exploring all kinds of occult universes since 2009. Together with visual artist Emmanuel Biard, the duo will present their brand new AV show on Belgian soil for the first and only time. ‘Stardust Highway: Experiments in Stoner Disco’ is a hallucinogenic, repetitive trip through time, rituals and invisible worlds. (17/10 - MOON DUO & EMMANUEL BIARD present Stardust Highway: Experiments in Stoner Disco - info & tickets)

VIDEODROOM: October 9-18, 2019
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