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Crowdfunding campaign for unique Alan Silvestri album

News 03 Jun 2015
With the crowdfunding campaign ‘Bringing film music to your ears', fans of Alan Silvestri’s work can support the recording of Film Fest Gent’s newest album!

Alan Silvestri is the central guest of this year's 15th edition of the World Soundtrack Awards on 24 October 2015. Film Fest Gent annually releases an album with music of the main guest of the #WSAwards in collaboration with Brussels Philharmonic, conducted by Dirk Brossé. This year we are honoured to be recording Silvestri’s best known scores from 'Back to the Future', 'Forrest Gump', 'Night at the Museum' and many others on this unique and exclusive compilation album.

Returns include a signed album by Silvestri himself, your name in the booklet, VIP tickets to the WSAwards and other perks. The greater the contribution, the more you will receive. Backers can also vote for a bonus track they think is missing on the album!

The crowdfunding campaign will be launched on Wednesday, 3rd of June at the online platform Indiegogo. A budget of €12,500 is required to finance a share of the recording of the album.

You can discover everything about the campaign through this link: http://igg.me/at/filmfestgentalbum.

World Soundtrack Awards
24 October 2015 't Kuipke Ghent
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