Chaplin's The Circus

News 03 Oct 2014
Film Fest Gent is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Tramp with an exceptional family film concert of Chaplin's The Circus presented by Proximus and supported by Ghent University.

On 26 October, the festival will be getting an additional film music event with a family concert of the silent film classic 'The Circus'. The film will be screened with music composed by Chaplin, performed by a live orchestra led by Music Director Dirk Brossé at ‘t Kuipke.

'The Circus' is Chaplin's most poetic and least exuberant comedy. The scenes that linger on are sad, bitter and melancholic.

In his last fully silent film, Chaplin plays a drifter who flees from the police and accidently disrupts a circus show, unexpectedly entertaining the crowd and gets hired as a clown on the spot. He falls in love with the girl that rides on horseback, but his rope dancing rival makes sure he gets fired.

Chaplin's The Circus
26th of October ar 3 pm
@ Kuipke Gent

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