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15 - 17 October 2024, WSA Film Music Days

Dear [fullname,fallback=],

It's that time of the year again to submit your scores and songs for the upcoming World Soundtrack Awards in October. As a WSAcademy member, you can submit scores and songs for the 2024 WSAward longlists. We look forward to receiving your submissions and want to thank all members for their time and dedication to the submission and voting process.

This WSAcademy newsletter gets you up to speed with everything you need to know about the submissions. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Membership renewal for 2024

We noticed that you haven't yet renewed your WSA membership for 2024. If you wish to do so, make sure you are logged into your MyFFG account and fill in this form and pay the membership fee to be able to submit and vote for the 2024 WSAwards.

General information about the 2024 submissions
  • Submissions are open from 16 April until 15 June.
  • Submissions are accepted in the following categories:
    • Film Composer of the Year
    • Television Composer of the Year
    • Best Original Song
    • WSA Game Music Award
    • Discovery of the Year
  • Only academy members can submit for the following 4 categories: Film Composer of the Year, Television Composer of the Year, Best Original Song and the WSA Game Music Award.
  • WSAcademy membership is not required to submit for the Discovery Award. There is a registration fee. However, eligible composers who are members of the WSAcademy are waived from this fee when registering.
How to submit

To submit for Film Composer of the Year, Television Composer of the Year, Best Original Song or the WSA Game Music Award, please follow these steps:

To submit for the Discovery of the Year Award

  • Log in to your MyFFG account on our website.
  • Once you are logged in go to the WSA Submission tab in your MyFFG account.
  • If the eligible composer is a WSAcademy member, fill in the corresponding form.
  • If the eligible composer is not a WSAcademy member, fill in the corresponding form and pay the registration fee (administrative fee of €35, from 15 May onwards the fee will be €45).
Eligibility criteria

Here you can find an introduction to the general eligibility rules.

Please read through the extensive eligibility criteria in the WSA Rule Book 2024.

General eligibility criteria - all categories:

  • eligibility period 2024: 16 June 2023 - 15 June 2024.

  • only the principal composer(s) or song writer(s) responsible for the conception and execution of the work as a whole shall be eligible for a WSAward.

  • only original scores or songs are eligible.

  • eligibility criteria for GAMES: scores for video games are eligible when the project for which it was written is released for purchase or download by the public in the eligibility period. If a game is in “Early Access” or “Game Preview” it has not been officially released and therefore is not yet eligible for consideration.

  • eligibility criteria for TV SERIES: scores/song for television series or miniseries will only be eligible if they are used in (a season of) a dramatic episodic series that had its world premiere on a public network, on pay television or on streaming TV services that commission original content. Sitcoms and DVD premieres are excluded from consideration.

  • eligibility criteria for FILMS: scores/songs that are used in a feature-length fiction or documentary film (of at least 70 min):

    • that was part of the official selection at one of the film festivals accredited by FIAPF, Sundance Film Festival, TIFF or Tribeca Film Festival;

    • or received its initial countrywide commercial theatrical release;

    • or was initially released on a streaming TV service that commissions original content.

Eligibility criteria for composers - Discovery Award:

For the Discovery Award, not only the submitted score has to meet the eligibility criteria, there are also eligibility criteria for the composer. Composers are eligible if:
  • they have scored maximum five feature-length fiction films with a commercial theatrical release in two countries or more, up to and including the motion picture in question for which the submitted score has been composed (documentaries, short films, TV films and TV series are not counted);
  • they have not previously won the Discovery of the Year WSAward;
  • they were previously nominated a maximum of one time in this category.
  • if more than one composer is credited for the film score, each composer should meet the eligibility criteria.
Save the Date | 16 October 2024 | WSA Ceremony

16 October 2024 will be a night to remember! The music of this year's guest of honour Philippe Rombi will be highlighted in a live performance by the Brussels Philharmonic, conducted by Dirk Brossé. The audience at De Bijloke will be captivated by a selection of Rombi's scores for films such as Swimming Pool (2003), Potiche (2010) and Joyeux Noël (2005), the last one premiering in 2005 at Film Fest Gent in the presence of Rombi himself. Simon Franglen (Discovery of the Year 2023) will also return to Ghent and perform his acclaimed score for Avatar: The Way of Water (2022).

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Call for film projects in search of a composer

Film Fest Gent loves to connect talented people in the music industry. That's why we once again organise the Third Character project during the upcoming WSA Film Music Days! This initiative is developed by Festival International Music & Cinema Marseille and brings together duos of producers/directors and composers. It's perfect for building a network and to find common creative ground. Film projects that already received financial support, not yet started filming and for which a composer has not been chosen, can submit a scenario. Collaborations born out of these meetings have the opportunity to apply for financial support for the score through authors' rights organisations Sabam and Sacem (only for member composers).

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Share news with your fellow Academy members

Do you have any news you want to share with your fellow Academy members? Upcoming events, new score... Send us a mail to info@worldsoundtrackawards.com and we will try to include it in the upcoming WSAcademy newsletter.

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