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11 - 22 October, 49th edition

'The Happening' composer Evgueni Galperine releases new album at Film Fest Gent 2022

Evgueni Galperine, who composed the dreamy score of Film Fest Gent Explore Award winner Gagarine with his brother Sacha, as well as the music for Golden Lion winner The Happening and the HBO miniseries Scenes of a Marriage, will present his new album Theory of Becoming at Film Fest Gent. Moreover, Galperine asked four filmmakers to make images to his music, which will be exclusively shown during the listening session of the album at Film Fest Gent. Theory of Becoming will be released by ECM Records.

Theory of Becoming came about thanks to Evgueni Galperine's extensive experience as a film composer and his experiments with instruments, tools and sounds. The sound world of this album can be considered as an "augmented reality" of acoustic instruments. Galperine recorded with both real and virtual instruments, each time altering the results.

These numerous transformations allow him to capture the acoustic nature of the instrument while adding techniques and timbres that are totally impossible to produce in reality. In order to bring this unique creation to the stage during Film Fest Gent, Galperine asked four video artists to complement his music with images, adding a new visual language to the album.

"I feel very proud to be able to present my album Theory of Becoming at Film Fest Gent. The album is a bridge between the world of film music and contemporary music, so it's difficult to imagine a better place for its release than Film Fest Gent."
- Evgueni Galperine

Evgueni Galperine is a French composer with Russian and Ukrainian roots. Together with his brother Sacha, Galperine made some of the most sensitive and remarkable scores of the moment. Their minimalist electronic music underlines the paranoia in the HBO series The Undoing (2020), the magic in the French coming-of-age film Gagarine (2020), the heartbreak of the acclaimed Russian drama Loveless (2017) and the underlying threat in Jan Komasa's Corpus Christi (2019). The duo also composed the score for Audrey Diwans The Happening (2021), which won the Golden Lion in Venice, and the HBO series Scenes of a Marriage, based on the film of the same name by Ingmar Bergman with Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain in the leading roles.

A first piece of the album was released as a single track release last Friday by the ECM Records Label.

The full album release and exclusive listening session of Evgueni Galperine's Theory of Becoming will take place on 21 October at MIRY Concert Hall and is completely free. Evgueni Galperine will be personally present for an introduction and Q&A. The listening session is part of the WSA Film Music Days from 20 to 22 October during Film Fest Gent. The full industry programme will be announced on Wednesday 14 September, when ticket sales start.

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'Theory of Becoming' by Evgueni Galperine
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The 49th edition of Film Fest Gent will take place from 11 to 22 October 2022.
The 22nd World Soundtrack Awards Gala & Concert will take place on 22 October 2022.

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