15 17 Oct '24
WSA Industry Days Part VI WSA2022

Educational Film Music Events

On Thursday 20 October 2022, Film Fest Gent invites film (music) students to come together for a unique industry programme, especially targeted towards future film & film music professionals. As part of the WSA Film Music Days, this day gives students the opportunity to learn, listen and network at our masterclasses, workshops and matchmaking.

Programme 20.10 (preliminary)

  • Matchmaking

Film schools and conservatories are invited to let their students join in a matchmaking session between film and film music students. Film students looking for a composer are matched with film music students.

  • Talks & masterclasses

A series of talks & masterclasses for film (music) students focused on the creative partnership between directors and composers.


You can join with a festival accreditation or buy a day pass of 10€. Please contact our music project coordinator Sophie Joos for subscription: sophie@filmfestival.be.

Want to join? Mail to Music Project Coordinator Sophie Joos.

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