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Programme 2019

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All music events from A to Z, daily schedules and some handy tips & tricks, in case you don't know where to start. 

On the Edge

A selection of films that follow unexpected narrative paths and push the boundaries of traditional filmmaking.


Films with a predominantly rainbow-coloured theme or sensibility.


A selection of documentaries addressing various topics, ranging from history and nature to society, music and art.

Explore Zone

Young film fans can once again enjoy the youngsters trail, which offers a stimulating and suited mix of films.

Plus Parcours

Six films to suit viewers aged 65 and over, selected from the programme by Roel Van Bambost.

Belgian Cinema Today

Belgian premieres of new films that already made their mark at international film festivals.

Meet the Mob

The Radicals

First Films

For those that look for young, exciting talent: debuts that are beautiful examples of a clear artistic vision.



Sound and Vision

The best documentaries and feature films on a wide range of music and musicians.

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