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'Once' is heading to Broadway

If you caught John Carney's indie romance 'Once' and thought it would make a great Broadway production, you aren't alone. Producers John N. Hart Jr., Jeff Sine and Fred Zollo snagged the live theater rights to the film back in 2008 with initial plans to have it on the stage for the 2010-2011 theater season. At the 2007 Ghent Film Festival 'ONCE' won the Young Jury's Xplore Award.
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While they didn't quite make that schedule, there's good news for fans who've been waiting to see the live version of the little film that came seemingly out of nowhere. The producers announced yesterday that Irish playwright Enda Walsh and Scottish director John Tiffany will team up to adapt the film for the stage with an eye set on a fall opening. The music and lyrics of stars Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, which were good enough to win the duo an Oscar for Best Original Song, will be featured prominently alongside the design work of Bob Crowley. Details on casting have yet to be ironed out. It seems unlikely that Hansard and Irglova will reprise their roles. 'Once' burst onto the scene at Sundance back in 2007. The title garnered an Audience Award at the festival, along with the requisite amount of buzz. The film tells the story of a busker who meets a young immigrant woman who plays piano. The two struggling musicians team up to create a demo, but the music is more than that - it's therapeutic and chronicles the beginning of their own love affair. With a heavy emphasis on character and music, 'Once' should make a nearly seamless transition to the more intimate setting of the theater.
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