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World Soundtrack Awards winners announced

Tonight the World Soundtrack Awards winners were announced in Music Centre Bijloke Ghent. The first prize went to Alexandre Desplat (The Queen, The Painted Veil), this year's Film Composer of the Year. Clint Mansell's film music for The Fountain not only received the Best Original Soundtrack of the Year but also the Public Choice Award.

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World Soundtrack Awards - Videodroom

Film Fest Gent and Vooruit launch new festival VIDEODROOM: a 10-day unique cross-over universe, balancing between film and music

On 10 October, Vooruit and Film Fest Gent will launch the first edition of VIDEODROOM. During the upcoming Film Fest Gent (9-19 Oct 2018) and at cultural arts centre Vooruit, artists and audiences will explore a new universe at the intersection between music, films and visuals. Film scores will be reworked and well-known films and their scores will be deconstructed. Ex-Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore opens the festival with his new score for four short films by experimental filmmaker Maya Deren.

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