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During the festival, several music events are organised to highlight the relation between film and music. The WSAwards: Gala & Concert show that a movie can't go without a composer, the concert traditionally demonstrates the best results of those collaborations (according to a certain theme) and the Film Music Seminar and Industry Day deal with the technical side of it in the presence of the most important musical guests that are also invited to the concerts. These events will take place in either Capitole or Vooruit Arts Centre, the latter being our partner for a series of concerts where bands and musicians do their thing with a selected film fragment.

World Soundtrack Awards Masterclass Sound Supervision (Val Kuklowsky)
Thursday 18 Oct 2018 - 14:30

Masterclass Sound Supervision (Val Kuklowsky)

Sound supervisor Val Kuklowsky knows what he's talking about. His work includes over 100 titles such as Independence Day and tv-success Game of Thrones, which makes him the perfect instructor for this masterclass about sound supervision and the flow between sound design,…

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World Soundtrack Awards WSAwards Industry Day
Wednesday 17 Oct 2018 - 09:00

WSAwards Industry Day

This year, the WSAwards Industry Day will take place on Wednesday 17 October (09:00 until 18:00, including lunch and closing networking drink) and will be hosted by composer Vasco Hexel (Royal College of Music in London). 

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