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Honorary members

The WSA Honorary Board contains honorary members of the World Soundtrack Academy. These film music experts are consulted whenever necessary. 

Honorary members follow the general Academy voting process and are not actively involved in the voting for Discovery candidates nor Best Song nominations. Winners of the WSA Lifetime Achievement Award are automatically incorporated within the WSA Honorary Board.


World Soundtrack Awards - Badalamenti Angelo

Badalamenti Angelo (US)


World Soundtrack Awards - Döring Marion

Döring Marion (DE)

Managing director of EFA Productions

World Soundtrack Awards - Doyle Patrick

Doyle Patrick (UK)


World Soundtrack Awards - Moroder Giorgio

Moroder Giorgio (IT)

World Soundtrack Awards - Sakamoto Ryuichi

Sakamoto Ryuichi (JA)

World Soundtrack Awards - Yared Gabriel

Yared Gabriel (FR)

Barry John (UK)
Bergman Alan (US) Lyricist & Songwriter   IMDB
Bergman Marilyn (US) Lyricist & Songwriter Spotify    IMDB
Donaggio Pino (IT) Composer Spotify    IMDB
Hamlisch Marvin (US) Composer
Lai Francis (FR) Composer   IMDB
Luhrmann Baz (AUS) Writer/Director IMDB
Sarde Philippe (FR) Composer Spotify    IMDB
Shire David (US) Composer
Stoller Mike (US) IMDB
Theodorakis Mikis (GR) Composer IMDB
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