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Whalley Lucy
Whalley Lucy (UK)
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Lucy has worked for Isobel Griffiths Ltd, a renowned Orchestral Contractor, for over 10 years and is Senior Fixer within the company working with a team of 2 other Fixers and supporting Isobel Griffiths, the head of the company. Isobel Griffiths is the preeminent Orchestra Contractor in London for recording sessions for Film scoring and TV, Video Games, Albums, Library Music and Advertising sessions.  

Since starting at the company in 2007, Lucy has worked with many composers John Powell ('Jason Bourne'), Henry Jackman ('Kong Skull Island'), Rupert Gregson-Williams ('Wonderwoman'), Alberto Iglesias ('Julieta'), Mark Mothersbaugh ('Thor Ragnorak') to name but a few and recently booked the Orchestra for the UK dates for the Hans Zimmer Tour.

As an Orchestra Contractor, Lucy liaises with Film Production Companies, Composers and The Musicians’ Union in order to book bespoke Orchestras for recording sessions according to the Composers’ needs and oversees the recording sessions at studios such as Abbey Road, Air Lyndhurst, Angel and British Grove studios in London.

Working with the crème de la crème of London’s musicians, as Orchestral Contractors Isobel Griffiths Ltd are able to book the principal players from across the top London Orchestras as well as the top freelance session musicians in London.

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