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Our Advisory board

The WSA Advisory Board is the core group of the World Soundtrack Academy. These key members of the World Soundtrack Academy are very actively involved in the day-to-day business of the WSA and the film music industry in general. 

The WSA Advisory Board has to consist of a minimum of twelve and a maximum of 40 members, coming from all over the world. At least one-quarter of them should be composers. Non-composer members should be recruited under filmmakers (directors and producers) whose work displays a great interest for music, film music agents, film music industry executives, etc. Not more than 45% of the board members can come from the same country. The Board may take the initiative to invite candidates to join as Board or Voting Members.


World Soundtrack Awards - Brossé Dirk

Brossé Dirk (BE)


World Soundtrack Awards - Ringer-Ross Doreen

Ringer-Ross Doreen (US)

Vice President Film and TV Music

World Soundtrack Awards - Rodford Maggie

Rodford Maggie (UK)

Music producer/talent agent

World Soundtrack Awards - Stoner David

Stoner David (UK)

Director Silva Screen Records

World Soundtrack Awards - Zimmer Hans

Zimmer Hans (DE)


Darrell Alexander (UK) Talent Agent   IMDB  More info
Arquié Jean-Pierre (FR) Talent Agent IMDB
Benitez José Maria (SP) Music Producer IMDB
Bloom P. J. (US) Senior VP of Film & Television Music and Soundtracks Warner Bros. records IMDB  More info
Chamboredon Emmanuel (FR) Music Producer IMDB
Costa Ray (US) Film Music PR IMDB
Diego Danielle (US) Executive VP of Fox Music IMDB
Dobbelaere Valerie (BE) Coordination Music Projects Film Fest Gent
Dubrulle Jacques (BE) WSA Board Member IMDB
Duynslaegher Patrick (BE) Artistic Director of Film Fest Gent  
Engel Laura (US) Talent agent IMDB
Fessmann Milena (DE) Founder of Cinesong/Music Supervisor IMDB  More info
Fossen Arvid (BE) Founder of Film Music Site/Editor    
Gaeta Brice (US) Music Agent IMDB
Gentz Annette (DE) Founder of Music Arts  More info
Griffiths Isobel (UK) Producer/Agent/Orchestral Contractor IMDB
Kraft Robert (US) Composer/Producer/CEO of Kraftbox Entertainment IMDB
Levine Michael (US) Composer Spotify      IMDB
MacDougall Tom (US) Music Supervisor
Macmillan Patty (US) Talent agent IMDB  More info
Markey Jason (US) Head of Music - STX Entertainment     IMDB  More info
Messinger Robert (US) Talent Agent IMDB
Poling Chandler (US) Publicist     IMDB  More info
Ponnet Marian (BE) WSA Board Member
Poster Randall (US) Music Supervisor   IMDB
Russell Christine (US) Talent Agent IMDB
Sadoff Ronald (US) Associate Professor of Music and Music Education/ Composer/ Director/ Department Chair NYU   IMDB
Schwartz Samuel (US) Talent Agent
Tempereau John (US) Talent Agent IMDB
Todd Michael (US) Senior Director Film, TV Music and Visual Media    More info
Townson Robert (US) Executive Producer IMDB
Umebayashi Shigeru (AF) Composer Spotify    IMDB
Vangelos Vasi (US) Talent Agent IMDB
Warbeck Stephen (UK) Composer Spotify    IMDB

World Soundtrack Awards Rule Book

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