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Vercheval Frédéric
Vercheval Frédéric (BE)
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Frédéric Vercheval was born in 1968, musician and composer of film music. Teaches since 2011 analysis of film music at the IAD.

Frédéric Vercheval was nominated for the Magritte Award for Best Original Score four times for “Diamant 13” Gilles Béhat (2009, with Gérard Depardieu), “Krach” Fabrice Genestal (2010, with Gilles Lelouche and Michael Madsen), “Pas son genre” Lucas Belvaux (2014, with Emilie Dequenne), and “Melody” Bernard Bellefroid (2014, with Lucie Debay, Rachael Blake). Vercheval won the Best Original Score for a Belgian Production Award for “Duelles” (2018) at World Soundtrack Awards 2019.

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